Spanish-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Im an expat living in Mexico and I use my Ultralingua translator constantly. Worth every penny and the usages are quite current The conjugation tables are great too, and the entire guide is well-organized and easy to use. It would be great to see future updates that incorporate some more Mexican colloquialisms and street slang. Are any planned?

Great software

This is a great dictionary. Even for the high price. Im a Canadian living in Peru and I use it all the time.

Great dictionary

Acts like a complete dictionary. Everything is indexed and searchable. Conjugation table and various tenses is quite complete. Number translation is quite handy!! Well worth it and invaluable for somone learning.

Good dictionary

Dictionary is very good and i think worth the price; its helping me a lot here in argentina. However, Developer, please update the app and include one touch definition from the verb conjugation feature. Why cant we click on the infinitive of the verb for definition when using the verb conjugator? We need to re-type the word in the definition search, this can be time consuming and is not intuitive! Otherwise keep up the good work

Great app..worth the money!

Ive been using this app for months now and it has replaced my hard copy span/eng dictionary. I use this app daily. The history feature makes it much more useful than a traditional dictionary since I dont have to re-look up a word if I forget it. I agree with Mr.bear18777, there needs to be a link between definitions and verb conjugations, why do I have to exit and retype the verb to see the definition? Fix that and Ill give it 5 stars.

Great other then...

This is a good app if you already know how to pronounce words in Spanish. I do not so I have to flip back and forth between this app and one that tells me hoe to pronounce the words. Fix that up and I would give it 5-5. But Til then

Good Dictionary, Bad App

This was the first app I ever bought (2008). Its been very helpful in my travels when I didnt have access to the internet. Unfortunately, theres a bug in the program that only shows up after continued use. The only way to solve it is to uninstall and reinstall the app. If I leave the app open and then turn the phone off, it crashes when I turn the phone on again. If I jump to another program and then back to this app, it starts the app anew. The history function stops working and the app always opens at a word I was searching for weeks ago. My other problem with this app is that you can only copy one word at a time which is absolutely useless.

Love the new upgrade

Absolutely fabulous !! and the upgrade is so much more efficient than the previous version

I tried the new users interface GUI - no thanks

BRING BACK OLD INTERFACE - as option perhaps. OR FIVE NE MY MONEY BACK!! The old design had its flaws (too thick, more taps necessary) but it was efficient. Now u have to scroll kilometres and miles of text to get to what I need and its not good on eye too.

Extremely useful in Mexico

While all the slang and not so nice, but useful, 4 letter words are not there, this is a very solid translation app. Me la gusta.


A very decent direct translation app


Ive been using the hell out of this app. Love it. Very accurate from what Ive seen so far. Highly recommend.


Easy to use. Works offline. Good translations. Love it!

Excellent app

This dictionary is very good. Its been very helpful to me in learning Spanish. At times, the translations given are words or phrases not understood well by native speakers (Latin American immigrants in Southern California). I dont know if its Spain Spanish or just very academic, though you should expect academic language from a good dictionary. Just an FYI. A very good resource.

Absolutely Wonderful!

I am currently learning Spanish. This app has been a most helpful tool! I love how the verb conjugation is displayed! This app will be most useful during our upcoming trip to Spain and for many more years to come!

Great resource

About as good as expected for the most expensive app I ever bought. Close to perfect!


I love this app. Its the best translation/ learning tool around!

This WAS a 4-star product

This WAS a 4-star product. Now the rotation bug they mention makes this UNUSABLE on the iPad. They discovered this serious problem on Jan 28 but dont have it fixed yet. Great dictionary, the best, when its working. A worthless $20 piece of junk right now. They should have pushed a fix in 24 hours.

What happened to landscape mode? Thumbs down!

I also have the German & French dictionaries from Ultralingua, and cant believe that with this update, the landscape mode is gone from all three. Frankly Id much rather do without the latest improvements but at least be able to use this on my iPad. The worst part about it is that even in portrait mode, when you try to enter any text for search, the keyboard that pops up is in… landscape mode, which blocks the field where youre supposed to enter the text. Thus rendering this app TOTALLY useless. Please fix this PRONTO!

Fixed on iPad iOS 6.1

Audio pronunciation would make this app perfect. It is one of the most useful apps I own.

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